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Athletic Development

Our APEX Athletic Development; has over 20 years experience implementing strength and conditioning programs for a variety of sporting programs and individuals. Our experience includes working with:

  • AFL: Victorian Metro U18 National Championship teams, TAC Cup clubs Oakleigh Chargers & Eastern Ranges, VFL club Sandringham Zebras, EFL clubs Vermont Eagles and Blackburn, as well as VAFA club Kew Bears Football Club.
  • Lacrosse: South East Titans U17 national Championship team.
  • Schools: Box Hill Senior Secondary College Sports Academy, Sandringham Secondary College’s Sports Academy and the Rowville Secondary College Sports academy.
  • Volleyball: Eastern Institute of Volleyball.

This experience has allowed APEX to develop strength and conditioning programs suited to Athletes of all ages as well as all developmental stages.

We have three programs to cater for all athletes:

  1. APEX Junior Development Squad: perfect for those looking to begin their athletic journey, with the squad catering for athletes aged 10 to 13. This squad allows us to teach the athletes correct running, jumping and landing mechanics, as well as developing better movement mechanics. We introduce the athletes to strength training and ensure the fundamentals of exercise technique and load management are maintained at all times.
  2. APEX Athletic Preparation Squad: catering for the developing athlete aged from 14 to 17, looking to enhance their sport and reduce overuse injuries. This stage of the athletes development is crucial and where the athlete is at most risk of overuse and developmental injuries. We ensure that the programs used cater for the development stage of the athlete by refining techniques and ensuring we monitor the training loads given. We focus heavily on developing the strength and power of the athlete through the legs and core to build injury resilience. This squad prepares the athlete for the physical demands of their sport and sets the foundations for future improvements once the athlete is fully developed.
  3. APEX Peak Performance Squad: perfect for those competing in open age competitions against older and bigger competitors. Squad caters for athletes aged from 18 to 50! This is where our programs are tailored to the athlete and the specific demands of their sport, whether that be strength, power, endurance, conditioning or a combination of all physical qualities. The previous squads have laid the foundation of correct movements mechanics, now we focus on maximising performance. We have athletes of all ages and sports within our Peak Performance squad, so the sessions are vibrant and dynamic, with an energy that athletes strive in.

In all squads we focus on all of the athletic needs, from nutrition for performance or recovery, to injury prevention or rehabilitation, we maximise exercise technique and ensure a foundation of strength and endurance is achieved, running speed and change of direction ability is developed, all in a High Performance environment.

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