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Strength Training

If improving your strength and ability to move freely is one of your goals, then Active Lifestyle’s Strength Training classes are for you. Each class has a structured format; beginning with mobility drills, moving into core and glute activation drills, progressing into the weight training component, finishing off with a heart and muscle challenging activity.

Each participant had a program tailored to their experience and injury limitations. We focus on improving full body strength by utilising the primal movements including squats, dead lifts, lunges and upper body push and pull exercises.

The program focuses on one of the primal movements for a 5 week cycle with increasing intensity, before the program changes to focus on the next primal movement.

Our instructors believe in technique proficiency, so we spend time with each participant ensuring they are safe and moving well.

The benefits of this class include: increasing full body strength, increase in bone strength, reduction in back pain, increasing your fat burning capabilities and improvements in posture.


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